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7 Reasons Airport Transfers Are Better Than Rideshare Apps

Getting to and from the airport can be a hassle. It’s especially true when transportation is an issue. Scheduling with a rideshare app doesn’t guarantee you’ll arrive on time. When you schedule an airport transfer, you’re hiring a driver whose primary concern is getting you to the airport when you’re supposed to be there.

Airport transfers may cost a few extra dollars. Still, they come with the added assurance that the driver has carefully planned your trip to or from the airport. The advantage they have over a rideshare app such as Uber or Lyft, is time for the driver to prepare for traffic delays, weather, and other disruptions.

The driver will contact you when they are on the way to pick you up. At the airport, there is communication to ensure the vehicle is waiting for you curbside when you exit the building. You can also coordinate with the driver if you need assistance with luggage.

Do you want to learn more about hiring a professional car service for your next trip? Keep reading for seven reasons to schedule an airport transfer.

1. Timeliness is the Priority with Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are about getting you to and from the airport on time. Too often, things come up at the last minute. A friend isn’t available to pick you up, the car won’t start, or there is an issue at the rental car location.

You can eliminate distractions and unforeseen issues by hiring a professional car service. Plus, there is the added assurance of safety and reliability when you build rapport with the provider you chose.

2. You Can Customize the Ride

With a professional car service, you can customize the ride. Savage Transportation can do pick-ups and drop-offs throughout the state of Florida. The primary requirement is that your pick-up or drop-off is within the Tampa Bay or Central Florida area.

For example, you’re going on an international trip, and the best or only flights are out of Miami. We can pick you up in Tampa, Florida, and drive you to and from Miami International Airport.

Savage Transportation also has a fleet of vehicles ranging from Black Car luxury sedans to 30-passenger buses.

3. The Price is Set in Advance

Unlike rideshare programs, you’ll know the cost in advance when you hire a professional driver. Knowing the upfront costs is essential because you can better plan your trip. Other service providers charge by the mile. If there is a detour that extends the route, you’ll have to pay an additional cost.

With taxi services, you run the risk of the meter starting when the car arrives. Delays can run up your tab.

4. Groups Can Arrive and Depart Together

Vacations and group trips get easier when everyone is picked up and dropped off at one location. Group rides lessen the stress associated with looking for members at the airport.

Travel agents can arrange airport transfers and include the cost in all-inclusive packages.

5. The Driver Can Share Local History and Tips

Visitors, new to the area, can learn a little history from their driver. A professional driver can point out local monuments, places to visit like museums and tourist attractions, best restaurants, bars, and more.

6. You Can Hire the Driver for Your Entire Trip

Your experience doesn’t have to end with your airport transfer. Ask if your driver is available for the duration of your trip to get you and your party to various destinations. The company may offer exceptional rates. This add-on service is essential when it comes to family reunions and conventions.

7. Save Money on Airport Parking Fees

Are you traveling and will be away for an extended period? Airport transfers can save you money.

Long-term airport parking adds up. At Tampa International Airport, overnight parking ranges from $12 - $20 an hour. Rates vary at other Florida airports.

You’ll have to deal with the hassle of getting to the terminal and back. Then there is the security risk of leaving your vehicle unattended in a public garage for an extended period of time.

Hiring a transportation company offering airport transfers allows you to leave your vehicle secure in your home's garage. Plus, you get curbside service with a smile.

Savage Transportation Will Get You There on Time and In Style

Overall, hiring a car or charter service takes the stress out of preparing for a trip. Airport transfers can take transportation to and from the airport off your to-do list. Plus, you arrive in a late model clean vehicle because we realize appearance matters also.

When planning your next air travel, give Savage Transportation a call. We would love to provide you with the luxury experience you deserve. Visit our website to see what we offer, and customize transportation for your next adventure.

Holiday travels are on the horizon. Book early to ensure your airport transfer. Visit Savage Transportation at or call 727-502-9849.

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