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Terms of Service



The terms “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC. The term “Site” refers to WWW.SAVAGETRANSPORTLLC.COM. The terms “client,” "passenger", "passengers," “you,” and “your” refer to site visitors, customers, and any other users of the site and our services.

Please review these Service Terms fully before you use the Services. By using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Service Terms. These additional terms include (without limitation) the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Service Terms, you are directed to discontinue using the Services. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC reserves the right to change or supplement these Service Terms at any time without prior notice. Your continued access or use of the Service Terms after such changes or supplements indicates your acceptance of the Terms as changed or supplemented. It is your responsibility to review these Service Terms regularly. These Service Terms were last updated on June 25, 2021.



All advertised fares are subject to change without notice and may be higher during holidays or special events.



The rate quoted prior to your trip is an estimate based on the information you provided at the time of the reservation. Fees for tolls, gratuity, waiting time, and additional stops are not included in the estimate and will increase your rate.



Any changes made to your trip after pick-up may result in additional charges. Be sure to get an updated price from the driver or the office at 863-430-2573 before proceeding on your way



Based on traffic, weather, and road conditions of the day, your driver will decide on the safest and fastest route to your destination. He may occasionally opt to take a toll route over a free route based on his knowledge and experience. Passengers are responsible for any tolls incurred throughout the trip. You will be charged the full toll rate. Discounted rates do not apply. Upon arrival at your destination, the driver will inform you of the tolls and add them to your bill. Tolls may vary from trip to trip based upon the route taken. Round trip tolls will be charged on trips



Base rates do not include gratuity of 20%



Waiting time shall begin 10 minutes beyond the scheduled pick-up time:

•10-30 mins is $40
•30-45mins is $60
•45-60 is $80
•over 60mins is $100 per hour



•0-15mins is free
•15-30mins is $40
•30-60mins is $80
•over 60mins $100/per hour

Waiting time shall begin after 15 minutes at any stop



When booking a reservation from the airport, parking fees will be added to the fare. The airport parking fee is based on the parking rate of the Port Authority.



ALL Cruise Port arrivals shall be subject to an additional $18.00 Parking /Access fee.



Outbound Airport Transfer or Point-to-Point cancellations with less than 2-hour notice prior to pick-up are subject to forfeiture of 80% of the trip total per vehicle depending on vehicle type and location.


Inbound airport arrivals that are not canceled prior to that day’s initial departure shall be subject to forfeiture of a minimum of 80% of the trip total per vehicle, depending on vehicle type and location.


Wedding, Concert, Special Event, and Sporting Event cancellations with less than a 7-day notice prior to pick-up are subject to forfeiture of 35% per vehicle. Cancellations 5 days prior to an event are subject to forfeiture of 50% per vehicle. Cancellations 2 days prior to the event are subject to forfeiture of 70% per vehicle. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the event on any vehicle rental are subject to forfeiture of 90% of the total job cost.


Prom and Homecoming cancellations with less than a 7-day notice prior to pick-up are subject to forfeiture of 50% of the total job cost. Cancellations 2 days prior to the event are subject to forfeiture of 80% per vehicle.

Stretch Limousine is an exception and has a 10-day cancellation policy. In cases when the trip is canceled with less than a ten day-notice prior to pick-up, are subject to forfeiture of 35% per vehicle. Cancellations 6 days prior to the event are subject to forfeiture of 50% per vehicle. Cancellations 3 days prior to the event are subject to forfeiture of 70% per vehicle. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the event on any vehicle rental are subject to forfeiture of  90% of the total job cost.


Cancellations are accepted by email and by phone at 863-430-2573



Minimum hourly bookings apply to all services (except Airport Transfers) and vary by vehicle type and day of the week.

  • Sunday through Thursday, there’s a minimum of 3 hours of service acceptable.

  • Friday and Saturday, there’s a minimum of 4 hours of service acceptable.


A vehicle of higher value may be substituted, in an emergency, at no additional cost to the client.
Car seat installation will be the responsibility of the passenger. Drivers are not permitted to install any car seats.



If SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC cannot contact the passenger or related contact person after 30 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, utilizing the information provided on the reservation, then the ride will be considered a no-show and will be abandoned. Additionally, not being at your pick-up location without notifying SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC service may result in a no-show charge.



SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC service requires that all changes be received by phone, email, or through our website at least 3 hours prior to pick-up. If a change made less than three hours prior to pick-up cannot be accommodated, the resulting cancellation may cause a full or partial charge to the customer.



When paying by credit card, you must supply the credit card number in advance for pre-approval. This is only for pre-approval purposes and does not constitute payment for the trip. Upon reserving with a credit or debit card, a preliminary hold equivalent to 150% of the quoted fare is placed on the card to secure the anticipated total, including tolls, gratuity, additional stops, and waiting time. This hold is released when payment is processed approximately 3-5 business days after the trip.


The actual credit card must be presented to the driver at the time of pick-up. The driver may ask for additional identification to ensure the validity of the card. All signatures and information must match before the card will be accepted as payment.


The credit card must be completed and signed at the end of the trip. During the trip, passengers may not leave the vehicle, for any purpose, without first signing the uncompleted credit card slip. Should the passenger fail to return to the vehicle, the full fare will be charged to the card.


SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC accepts all of the following cards for payment:


American Express®
Pay Pal



Credit cards are processed on the day of the trip. The charges will appear on your statement as the date of processing. All transactions are handled in a safe, encrypted format by a secure server to ensure SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC and our customers’ maximum security, and the assurance that your information stays confidential, private, and safe. We pledge to adopt new security technology as it becomes available continually. If you have any questions about your privacy or the security of our website, please contact us. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about our collection and use of your credit card and other personally identifiable information.



SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC does not accept online-only, virtual credit cards or any other type of “single-use” card number security product or one-time use credit card number that credit card companies may provide for online use. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC shall not assume responsibility or liability in connection with the use of online-only, virtual credit cards or any other type of “single-use” card number security product or one-time use credit card number that credit card companies may provide for online transactions. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC shall have no obligation to honor transactions made with such cards.



The total amount is due upon receipt of the invoice. Invoice can be provided verbally by the driver at the end of the trip or on paper by the operation Office.


Credit Card: Client electronically authorizes, via Digital Signature, SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC to apply charges to the credit card on file for:

1. Any damages
2. Additional hours
3. Wait-time
4. Unusual clean-up
6. Any lost or stolen vehicle components
7. Any downtime due to any of the above.



Additional time shall be charged by the hour or any portion of an hour thereof. Charges will reflect the hourly rate of the vehicle. Additional time shall begin immediately upon completion of the contracted time.



All vehicles are considered “Non-Smoking” vehicles. Client agrees to take care of the vehicle, its components, and furnishings and maintain the vehicle in a neat and sanitary condition. At the driver’s discretion, the client agrees to be fully liable for all of the following charges that may occur.

1. $20.00 — each missing or broken piece of glassware.
2. $25.00 — minimum extensive clean-up charge (spills, mud, candy, etc.).
3. $50.00 — minimum for detailing and waxing due to sickness outside of the vehicle.
4. $250.00 — minimum for shampooing and disinfecting inside of vehicle due to incontinence and or any other bodily fluids.
5. $100.00 — minimum for each burn hole or tear to the upholstery, carpet, or any other vehicle components.
6. $100.00 — minimum for each and every act of vandalism.
7. $50.00 — for each violation of the smoking rule as described above.


We recommend that all personal belongings and valuables be removed from the vehicle when left unattended. We WILL NOT be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal effects, including luggage.



Client is responsible for each guest, their actions, and behavior, as well as financially responsible for all damage to and/or property removed from the vehicle. Client is responsible for any and all costs of repair, related expenses, and income lost due to damages. Client and guests shall not use the vehicle in a disorderly manner, for unlawful purposes, or in any manner that would constitute a breach of peace in accordance with local, state, and federal law. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC has a zero-tolerance policy and WILL NOT tolerate the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal drinking age or the use of any illegal drug while in the vehicle or around the vehicle. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC WILL NOT tolerate smoking or the use of any tobacco products in or around any vehicle. Any illegal substance is prohibited from entering the vehicle at any time. Driver has the right to inspect the contents of any bag, purse, or parcel that enters the vehicle. Food and the consumption of food in any vehicle are prohibited. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC has the right to terminate any contract for non-compliance with any one of these terms. Any and all monies shall be non-refundable for any reason, including cancellation.


Clients may have drinking glasses removed and replaced with party cups if requested.



Client agrees that the maximum number of people in the vehicle shall not exceed vehicle capacity or the original agreed-upon number. Any additional occupants will be charged extra so long as vehicle capacity has not been exceeded.



All rates are subject to audit after order completion. Occasionally changes must be made to correct mathematical errors or to reflect the actual tolls, parking fees, additional stops, and waiting time.



Client agrees to pay all charges as stipulated in this contract. Failure to pay all charges will result in collection activities and criminal prosecution. Credit card chargebacks will not be tolerated. All persons that dispute charges under this contract shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These prosecutions shall include notifying the local authorities of your fraudulent use of a credit card, the information published in local press publications, and notification of employer for the purposes of garnishment of wages to settle the debt. Client agrees to make financial restitution to SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC for any fraudulent acts made by the client in the completion of the contract, fulfillment of services, and payment of said services and allows SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC to seek restitution for damages by any legal means necessary.


SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC rates are inclusive of taxes.



SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC utilizes, at its discretion, affiliates to provide Limousine and Ground Transportation services as requested by our clients.



In the event that any action is required by SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC to enforce this agreement, SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC shall be entitled to recover all costs, damages, and expenses, including all attorney fees.

SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC agrees to provide the vehicle in a clean condition and provide an inventory of all furnishings. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC allows the client the use of the vehicle during the reserved and agreed upon times. Clients and guests release SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC from any and all liability and agree to hold SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC, its employees, and agents harmless from all loss, liability, and expenses whatsoever as a result of any bodily injury, death, or property damage caused by or arising from the use and operation of the vehicle. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC is not responsible for arriving late or missing an event due to heavy traffic, accidents, bad weather, mechanical failure, and forces of nature or acts of God. Drivers are not responsible for knowing the exact directions to every destination point and may be required to call and ask for directions. It is normal to allow additional time that might be needed to locate some addresses.

By booking my reservation electronically through the Internet, I hereby grant permission to Savage Transportation, LLC Service to charge for the above-referenced services as outlined in my Account setup. Furthermore, by booking my reservation online, I further understand that the booking counts as my digital signature as established by the Federal Digital Security Act.

I understand that the electronically provided rates are a best guess based on the current information at hand and do not include a possible wait-time port charge, parking fees, or any applicable tolls that may be incurred. I also understand that this transaction is taking place via electronic means, either by Internet, email or facsimile, and agree to all charges set forth. In addition, there is a job-specific cancellation policy for each trip. Failure to notify this office within the time frame established for your trip will result in the loss of your deposit as outlined above.



Vehicle Images presented on the SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC Websites may differ from the actual vehicle.



SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or damaged items left in the vehicles. We make every effort to locate property that has been left in one of our vehicles. We retain found items for 30 days. If you have left a personal item in one of our vehicles and wish to retrieve it, you can report it in our Lost & Found form, or you may also call our office at 863-430-2573 for our customer service department. SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning found items. These fees are based on the full travel rates.



Any animal over 25 lbs. must ride in a minivan or van, with the exception of service dogs. All animals must be leashed or in a carrier when traveling in a SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC, affiliated vehicle.


We request that you notify a reservationist in advance when traveling with a pet so that SAVAGE TRANSPORTATION, LLC can accommodate you. If you fail to notify a reservationist that you are traveling with a pet, the driver reserves the right to refuse to transport the pet.

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